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Apollo Untold

Apollo Double Sided Coin Pendant - Silver

Apollo Double Sided Coin Pendant - Silver

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For Bracelet sizing, wrap wrist with a piece of string, cut the string and measure it using a ruler, this will indicate the correct circumference sizing needed on the bracelet. 

The Greek God Apollo is often attributed in Greek Mythology as being a symbol of many good qualities and endeavours that many of us would like to master and incorporate in our day-to-day life, including; health, truth, light, music and poetry. The symbol of such characteristics should be proudly worn and remind and guide us of the aspirations that we strive towards on daily basis.

A double-sided coin with unique designs on the front and back

Greek Text Front: Ἀπόλλων θεὸς τῆς θεραπείας - Apollo, the God of Healing

Greek Text Back: θεὸς τοῦ φωτός - God of Light and θεός τῆς μουσικής - God of Music

 Premium 304 Stainless Steel Pendant
 3mm x 50cm Cuban Chain Necklace included with all Men's Jewellery
 Water, Heat, Sweat Resistant (No Discolouring or Tarnishing) Mens Jewellery
 Hypoallergenic (No Green Skin) Mens Jewellery
 All Men's Jewelry Comes with a Customised Apollo Untold Pouch

Pendant Size: 21 mm x 21 mm x 2.5 mm
Pendant Weight: 3 Grams

Check out the corresponding Men's Jewellery piece - the Greek God Apollo Pendant in Gold. Take your style to the next level by wearing the Greek God Pendant Necklace on it's own, or layering it with a silver rope chain!

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Embrace Ancient Elegance with Our Silver Double Sided Coin Pendant of Apollo

Step into the realm of ancient Greek mythology and craftsmanship with our exquisite silver coin necklace collection. Each pendant is a testament to the rich heritage and timeless beauty of Greek jewelry, featuring captivating coin necklace designs that resonate with the essence of ancient Greece. Explore our collection and adorn yourself with the elegance of Greek jewelry.

Discover the Legacy: Apollo, the God of Light and Music

In the pantheon of Greek gods, Apollo holds a revered place as the god of light, music, poetry, and healing. Son of Zeus and Leto, Apollo's radiance is said to illuminate the heavens and inspire mortals with his divine gifts. As the embodiment of harmony and creativity, Apollo is celebrated for his mastery of the lyre and his role as the leader of the Muses. His presence brings warmth and vitality to the world, making him a beloved figure in Greek mythology.

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Experience the essence of Greek jewellery heritage with our captivating double coin necklace collection. Inspired by the treasures of ancient Greece, each pendant features intricate designs that reflect the artistry and symbolism of the era. Our double-sided coin pendant offers versatility and charm, allowing you to showcase different motifs with a simple flip. Elevate your style with a piece of history that transcends time and trends.

Ancient Elegance: Silver Coin Necklace

Adorn yourself with the splendor of ancient Greece with our stunning silver coin necklace selection. Crafted from the finest materials, each pendant exudes opulence and sophistication, reminiscent of the lavish adornments worn by Greek nobility. Whether you're attending a formal event or adding a touch of elegance to your everyday attire, our coin necklace range offers a timeless elegance that never goes out of style.

Captivating Symbolism: Coin Pendant

Discover the captivating symbolism of ancient Greek mythology with our intricately crafted coin pendant collection. Featuring depictions of gods, goddesses, and mythical creatures, each pendant tells a story of divine beauty and power. Our Apollo coin pendant pays homage to the god of light and music, capturing his majestic presence in stunning detail. Adorn yourself with the radiance of Apollo and embrace the divine within.

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