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What is Gold Plated Jewellery? 

Combining gold and silver jewellery items together to make affordable quality men's jewelry has been a difficult feat in the past, however in the 1800s, gold-plated jewellery was discovered, a technique that combines a base metal (often stainless steel), coated with a layer of gold, 18 karat (18K) in the case of all Men's Jewellery designs at Apollo Untold. 

The team at Apollo Untold has a vision to provide affordable, and quality men's gold plated jewellery, that mimics authentic gold in both quality and appearance. We ensure that all of our pendants are made of base metals premium 304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel


Generally, when people hear of gold-plated jewellery, they may believe the jewellery to be worth less, and unable to be resold, and therefore of lower quality. However this is not the case, gold-plated jewellery is quality jewellery that especially at Apollo Untold, all efforts have been taken to prevent fading of the outer layer of gold, and provide heat,water, and sweat resistance to the jewellery as such to prevent tarnishing. Additionally the jewellery is hypoallergenic.

The benefits in gold-plated jewellery is that it is much more affordable, and as such, you are not bound by a single pendant,chain or bracelet, but instead can style your outfit in multiple ways on different days of the week. Affordable, Quality Men's Jewelry is the future. 

What colour jewellery works well with warmer/tan skin tones?

Gold Jewellery, especially the most popular men's jewelry item - the plain gold chain for males, tend to complement warmer undertones better, similarly, the same principle applies to other men's casual jewelry items such as men's jewelry bracelets in gold. 



 Gold Mens Layered Necklace Complementing a Warm Skin Tone. 

What colour jewellery fits cool/more pale skin tones?

Silver jewellery, such as silver bracelets or chains for men often best complement a cooler skin tone.


 Men's Pendant Necklace in Silver - Silver Cupid 

What is the difference between Jewellery and Jewelry?

Simply put, the US spells it Jewelry, the UK and several other countries around the world spell it Jewellery.  

How long does Gold Plated Jewellery last?

Gold Plated Jewellery, can last anywhere from 6 to 24 months and beyond without fading, the life expectancy being longer if you take care of it properly. Efforts on the part of our company have been made to prevent fading of jewellery- including additional reinforcements to make sure it is water, heat and sweatproof. However keeping it out of excessive heat, water and sweat environments is recommended to prevent hastened tarnishing. 

What colour clothing works well with different Jewellery?

This is a bit of a tricky one, given that there are different answers across the board, depending on who you ask. However a general consensus is that jewellery should contrast with clothes - black t-shirt and silver jewellery, or a white t-shirt and gold jewellery. Two examples of such contrasts:




White Shirt with a Men's Gold Compass Pendant Necklace 
Try different styles out, see what works!

Can men wear pearls?

Historically assigned as a female jewellery trend, male pearl jewelry is now in fashion again, with stars like ASAP Rocky, Harry Styles and many more rocking pearl jewelry for men. Check out our own half pearl half chain necklace for men

What is the difference between 304 and 316L stainless steel?

Both 304 and 316L Stainless steel are quality base metals that are used in the production of all of our jewellery, whether it's gold-plated or not. The difference between 304 and 316L Stainless steel, is that 316L is partially composed of molybdenum, a compound that makes stainless steel likely to corrode. Both the 304 and 316L stainless steel are very unlikely to corrode, and would need extreme circumstances over a long period of time to do so, so rest assured, your jewellery is safe!

What are good gifts for men? Men's Jewellery.

Whether it's jewelry for your husband, brother or a father's day jewelry shop, or even buying valentine's day jewelry for him, we can all agree that men's jewellery is the perfect gift. With fast-shipping you can get all your presents in time, and rest assured, i'm sure they'll love any of our classic pendant, or chains

Maybe a gold compass pendant for your brother? How about a gold chain for your dad? Or a silver rose pendant for your husband? Know a boxer, a fighter, someone who never gives up in life? Check out our Greek Boxer inspired pendant!

Apollo Untold also runs several discount mens jewelry offers, such as during black friday, valentine's day, and more. Check back on holidays for discounted prices! 

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